Metribuzin Tolerance Testing of Soybean Varieties - 2014
"Progeny 4710 RYS is probably the most versatile soybean I have ever dealt with. It can go on any soil type, and has a really good drought package for my non-irrigated ground. Until something better comes along, the 4710 will be on the majority of my farm." - Wren Felts, Joiner, Arkansas "Progeny 4900 RY is the best soybean I have ever grown. I have 50 crops behind me and have never seen anything like them. They grew off well and responded to fertility and irrigation in an impressive manner. On a total of 144 acres they yielded 78.5 bushels per acre. I will definitely have them on my farm again next year." - Gary Sebree, Fish Lake Planting Co., Alymra, Arkansas "I am always impressed with the quality of the Progeny beans in the bags. They look good all year and yield very well on my farm." - Andy Boone, Crossruff Farms, Fair Oaks, Arkansas " I was impressed with the Progeny 4850 RYS this year. They stood great in the field and were easy to harvest. They were doublecrop beans on dryland and averaged around 60 bushels per acre." - Tim Lawrenceburg, Tennessee ©2013 Progeny Ag Products - Erwin Keith, Inc. - 1529 Highway 193, Wynne, AR 72396 - 888-535-7333 - website created by: Progeny Ag Products