The Progeny Difference: Progeny Ag Products are developed with the specific needs of the Mid-South Farmer in mind. We provide value, allow you to increase your overall profits, all with commitment to great customer satisfaction. Progeny Ag Products is QUALITY YOU SHOULD KNOW!

  • Progeny Ag Wheat

    Progeny Ag Products has several wheat varieties to offer to our customers. Progeny Ag has six different varieties with maturities ranging from early to medium. All varieties have excellent disease packages and perform very well on the farm. Plant Progeny wheat seed to get consistently higher yields.
  • Progeny Ag Soybeans

    Progeny Brand Soybeans are developed with the specific needs of the Southern Farmer in mind. Soil types, disease packages, and maturity ranges for Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are the primary focus for development efforts. Accordingly, Progeny Brand Soybeans consistently rank in the top 10% of University Trials in those states year in and year out.
  • Erwin - Keith, Inc. Rice

    Erwin Keith Inc, home of Progeny Ag Products offers many different rice varieties to our customers. All seed rice is grown, conditioned, and packaged by Erwin-Keith, Inc. and then certified by the state to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of seed rice. Plant seed rice from Erwin-Keith, Inc. with confidence.
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